Cooking Matters

cooking matters meal 3 webShop smarter, make healthier food choices and learn to cook delicious, affordable, meals–that’s the idea behind the national organization Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters program.

Begun as part of the No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in America, Cooking Matters is made possible through unique partnerships between Share Our Strength and local community groups. North Coast Food Web volunteers and staff help make Cooking Matters Classes happen in Clatsop County, working in collaboration with the Clatsop Community Action Regional Food Bank–who hosts Cooking Matters classes at their Warrenton facility–and Clatsop County OSU Extension Family and Community Health.

North Coast Food Web board member and chef Merianne Myers has taught many of the local Cooking Matters classes.

North Coast Food Web board member and chef Merianne Myers has taught many of the local Cooking Matters classes.

Local classes have included programs for seniors, parents and teens, and enthusiasm for future classes remains strong. The six-week Cooking Matters courses are open to adults, kids and families. Each course is team-taught by a volunteer chef and nutrition educator and covers meal preparation, grocery shopping, food budgeting and nutrition. In addition to the shared meal, enjoying a taste of all that was prepared in the class that day, adult and teen participants take home a bag of groceries at the end of each class so that they can practice making the meals again in their own kitchens.

cooking matters kids

Share Our Strength provides professional-level curricula and instructional materials, training, evaluation and national leadership support while local program partners provide hands-on, grassroots-level resources, program customizations and relationships that are best addressed on the local level. This collaborative program model makes Cooking Matters uniquely effective, efficient and sustainable among national nonprofit education programs.


Cooking Matters students enjoy sitting down together to share the meal that they prepared in class.

North Coast Food Web is proud to  helps people in our community learn to cook healthier food for themselves and their families.

For information on the next Cooking Matters Classes, please call Clatsop Community Action at 503- 861-3663.