Meet Your Farmer

myf 2013astoriaMaking connections between local famers, ranchers fishermen and foragers and the customers who want to buy fresh, local food from them is at the core of North Coast Food Web’s mission.

In 2013, we began hosting Meet Your Farmer events in the spring–gatherings where local food producers can come, set up a display, bring products to sample and sell and make those important connections with customers in a fun, social setting.

islandsend myf2013Farmers share information about their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs, value-add products like jams and pickles, and their growing practices. For farmers that don’t sell through farmers markets, this can be an invaluable way to meet with customers face to face and build all-important personal connections.

Customers have to opportunity to sample products, ask questions and find out where and how to purchase from the farmers and food producers they meet.

value add myf2013Strong producer to consumer connections are a key part of a healthy local food system, and North Coast Food Web is glad that our Meet Your Farmer project is helping make those connections happen.

Can’t make it to a Meet Your Farmer event? Now there’s an easy way to search for local food producers through the online North Coast Food Guide, a searchable database of food producers from Long Beach, Washington to Lincoln City, Oregon.

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