Grow the Coast Conference

Farms, Food & Community

Workshop Schedule

8:00 am – 9:00 am Sign-in & Packet pick-up

9:00 am – 10:30 am Keynote

  • Local Food on the North Coast: Celebrating Successes, Moving Ahead

10:30 am – 10:45 am Morning Break

10:45 am – 12:00 pm Session I

  • Financing your Farm
  • Weed Identification & Management
  • Strategies for Crop Health
  • Poultry Meat Production
  • Cheesemaking 101

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm – 2:45 pm Session II

  • Adding Agritourism to your Farm
  • Educational Gardens
  • Basic Seed Saving
  • Tree Fruit Production
  • Feeding Options for Smallholder Livestock
  • Assessing Your Farm’s Resources and Your Goals as a Farmer

2:45 pm – 3:15 pm afternoon Break

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm Session III

  • Cost Accounting for your Farm Business
  • Farmer Resources
  • Winter Vegetable Production
  • Farm & Garden Fitness
  • Finding & Cooking Local Meat



Local Food on the North Coast: Celebrating Successes, Moving Ahead

A regional food system is a team effort. We’ll take this opportunity to hear from each other, to share our perspectives and ideas for how to grow our region’s food system and economy. Keynote panelists will report on the state of local food producers, markets and community. Lauren Gwin, OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems, will ask the audience to discuss and share: What are you seeing, struggling with, excited about? And what can we do about it together?” Keynote Panelists include:

  • Teresa Retzlaff, 46 North Farm
  • Laura Swanson, Manager of Manzanita Farmers Market
  • Dirk Rhone, Clatsop County Commissioner and Dairy Farmer
  • Lauren Gwin, OSU Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems will moderate the discussion

Workshop Descriptions


  • Tree Fruit Growing 101
    Tonia will present a basic overview of fruit growing techniques for the Pacific Northwest. Cultural conditions, integrated pest management principles, proper pruning, and the orchard floor will be discussed. Tonia will candidly speak about her success and failures in small scale mixed orchard management in hopes that you can gain something from her experiences. The session will end with a lively Q&A segment.
    Instructor: Tonia Lordy, Home Orchard Society
  • Identification and management of weeds of importance on the coast
    This class will cover identification and management for some of the weeds important to the gardening and farming production of vegetable and small fruit crops, plus a bit on pasture weeds common to the coastal zone.
    Instructor: Chip Bubl, OSU Extension Columbia County
  • Cheesemaking 101
    This workshop includes a brief history of cheesemaking in the Pacific NW. Discussion of the cheese making process will touch on milk types, fermentation vs acidification, coagulation, whey separation, pressing/forming and ripening/aging. Information will be provided on where to source ingredients, utensils and equipment for home hobbiest and entrepreneur alike.
    Instructor: Marc Bates, Bates Consulting LLC


  • Farm & Garden Fitness
    A practical guide to exercise, therapeutic stretching, and postural awareness for farmers and gardeners. Dr. Medeiros explains and demonstrates numerous techniques that you can use to improve your posture, strength, endurance, and flexibility while farming and gardening.
    Instructors: John Medeiros, PT, PhD, Professor, Pacific University; Marty Poorman, BA


  • Planning Strategies for Crop Health 
    There are many ways to keep your crops healthy, happy, and profitable. Hear from a plant pathologist about how crop rotation can be used as a disease management tool and ways that a coastal farmer keeps her plants healthy from seed to plate. Emphasis on vegetable crops.
    Instructors: Cynthia Ocamb, OSU Extension Plant Pathologist; Carolina Lees, Corvus Landing Farm
  • Basic Seed Saving and Plant Improvement Techniques
    Have you ever wondered if the seed you save will grow true the following year? Come learn the essentials of seed saving and how to improve the health and fitness of your favorite and most cherished varieties each year. Session will include a hands on demo of fan winnowing and cleaning techniques.
    Instructor: Laurie McKenzie, Organic Seed Alliance
  • Winter Vegetable Production
    This presentation will discuss the basic factors in winter vegetable production. Some topics discussed include, variety selection, planting timing, and continuous harvest vs. overwintering crops. A comparison of high tunnel production with low tunnels and other row cover options will be included.
    Instructor: Chris Konieczka, Clackamas Community College


  • Evaluating feeding options for smallholder livestock operations in western Oregon
    This workshop will explore livestock feed management options including general conversations around grain ration design and pasture options for poultry, hogs, and ruminant livestock (cattle, sheep, and goats). Chris Hansen has a lot to share in the utilization of western Oregon feed resources for raising pastured poultry and hogs and Chip Bubl will share ideas about the best use of your pastures (and grain supplements) for ruminants.
    Instructors: Chris Hansen, Mosaic Farms; and Chip Bubl, OSU Extension Columbia County
  • Poultry Meat Production: Chicken, Turkey and Related Species
    This workshop will provide attendees with information on producing and processing poultry meat from traditional species of Chicken, Turkey, and Waterfowl, while also addressing other meat types such as Quail, Partridge, Pheasant and Squab.
    Instructor: James Hermes, OSU Extension Poultry Specialist
  • What do I do with that Chunk of Grass-fed Meat
    We will be discussing grass-fed meat, hopefully clarifying questions pertaining to where to find local grass-fed meat, different cuts, what to do with half of a steer, how to store it, how to cook it, differences in nutrition and flavor, and how grass-fed livestock are raised.
    Instructors: Lance Waldron & Tammi Lesh, Lance’s Farm Vittles


  • Where to Begin: Assessing Your Farm’s Resources and Your Goals as a Farmer
    This workshop will offer an overview of assessing the physical resources of your farm (or potential farm) and the values and goals of the farmer(s). The workshop includes segments from OSU’s beginning farmer education series Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management. The full Growing Farms course will be offered on the North Coast during the winter.
    Instructor: Garry Stephenson, OSU Small Farms Program Coordinator
  • Adding Agritourism to Your Farm
    Agritourism is a growing industry and offers opportunities for farmers and ranchers to diversify their income. If you’ve been considering opening a farmstand, starting a farmstay, or hosting events on your farm, this discussion-based session will help you learn about resources and rules that will help you as you plan and get started.
    Instructors: Melissa Fery, OSU Extension Small Farms; Scottie Jones, Leaping Lamb Farm
  • Cost Accounting for Your Farm Business
    Accounting for the costs of running your farm is essential to making informed decisions about pricing, crop mix, market channels, production methods, investments in equipment and infrastructure, and farm expansion. This workshop will focus on ways to track key costs and how to use information on these costs to make decisions that are focused on improving profitability. Experiences with a pilot project using a tool developed at Cornell University and currently being tested by Oregon farmers to assess the profitability of various market channels will be shared.
    Instructor: Tanya Murray, OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems 


  • Financing Your Farm: Traditional & Creative Resources for Farmer Financing
    Are you looking to purchase land or finance improvements for your existing farm? If so, come learn about traditional and creative options for financing your farm operation. Panelists will cover traditional bank lending, Farm Service Agency down payment assistance and other programs, the state’s new Beginning Farmer and Rancher Loan Program – “Aggie Bonds”, and innovative ways people and communities are investing in local farms.
    Suzanne Hayes ~ Farm Loan Officer, Farm Service Agency
    Emily Triggs ~ Local Connector, Community Sourced Capital
    Amy Pearl ~ Co-founder/CEO, Springboard Innovation
    Nellie McAdams ~ Next Generation Program Director, Friends of Family Farmers
    Moderated by Jared Gardner ~ Nehalem River Ranch
  • Resources for Your Farm Business
    From savings-match programs to research, internships, and land connection, find out more about great organizations offering support for you and your farm.
    Sam Angima ~ Regional Administrator, OSU Extension, North Coast Region
    Lauren Sorg ~ Community & Enterprise Development Coordinator, Food Roots
    Matt Gordon ~ Portland Chapter Coordinator, Rogue Farm Corps
    Nellie McAdams ~ Staff Attorney & Next Generation Program Director, Friends of Family Farmers
    Moderated by Nellie McAdams
  • Educational Gardens
    Community gardens and school gardens will be highlighted with a focus on what we are teaching and sharing with the community. Tips on setting up programs, common “pitfalls”, how to gain support, managing programs, and resources for success are all areas of discussion from our presenters.
    Mary Blake ~ Sunny Pool, Clatsop County
    Susan O’Leary ~ Nestucca Valley Elementary School
    Rima Green ~ Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation
    Karen Matthews ~ Alder Creek garden, Lower Nehalem Community Trust

    Moderated by Karen Matthews