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Your donation to North Coast Food Web is an investment in a healthier future for everyone in our region. Through support for local food and agriculture, you are helping your community to feed itself. Thank you!

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islandsend2013webLocal food grows a thriving local economy
Your support builds connections between local farmers, ranchers and fishermen and the people who want to buy fresh local food from them. You are providing educational opportunities and training for producers, access to markets, and increase awareness about the growing abundance of local food in our region.

mobilegardenjennLocal food grows a healthier community
Your investment in North Coast Food Web is an investment in the health and well being of your community. We build food literacy in people of all ages, from pre-schools to senior centers, helping people appreciate, cook and enjoy the fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, eggs, dairy and cheeses available throughout the Lower Columbia Pacific region.

fooddayweekYour support makes it all possible- Thank you!
North Coast Food Web is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Our part-time staff and dedicated volunteers work to turn your investment into engaging on-the-ground projects that build a strong, healthy local food system for all. Together, we’re transforming our communities one seed, one harvest, one meal at a time. Thank you so much!