Get Involved

Are you interested in living in a community where everyone has access to fresh, healthy locally produced food?

A healthy community food system has community at its core, and that means all of us working together to make it possible

Your support is key–we can’t do it without you!

Volunteer: Help make projects like the River People Farmers Market, the Grow the Coast Conference, and more possible by donating some of your time to help make these programs happen. Find out more about volunteering with North Coast Food Web by calling (503) 298-3824 or email

Donate: Become a financial supporter of North Coast Food Web. NCFW will transform your gift of support into the kind of local food projects that you care about: farmer and food producer support, local farmers markets, community gardens, cooking classes, and connecting young and old to where their food comes from.

You can also support some of our projects individually. Make a cash or check donation directly to the Fruit Box Project at the Astoria Co-op checkout counter. Become a sponsor of Grow the Coast.  Come have a glass of iced tea or join the Pie Walk at the River People Farmers Market and help support our SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) match program.

Make a Choice: You have the power to change the food landscape of your community through the choices you make every day.

Commit to making a few purchases a week from local farmers, ranchers, fishermen and other food producers. Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program with a local farm.  Shop at locally owned grocery stores, and eat at restaurants that purchase from local producers. Join a community garden & grow some of your own food. Cook with your kids, cook with your friends and neighbors, and sit down to eat a meal together. If you can’t cook, take some lessons and learn how!

Share the news!

Tell your friends and family about the work North Coast Food Web is doing to build our local food economy and culture. Like us on Facebook. Bring a friend to the River People Farmers Market, or one of our many other events. Tell us what you think about the work we do.

Together, we can build community resilience on the north Oregon coast and Lower Columbia Pacific region, and have a great time while we do it!