The Fruit Box Project

Illustration-watercolor-apple-by-Renia-cropped-version1The Fruit Box Program provides a simple solution to help address a complex problem.

At Astoria High School, some students come to school without having eaten breakfast, or without the means to have a healthy lunch.  Whatever the reason a kid might show up in his office, AHS vice principal Chad Madsen knew that when kids are hungry, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

Remembering a project that his father helped set up at the elementary school he attended in Hood River–a partnership with a local orchardist that brought fresh fruit to the school–Madsen knew that a fresh apple or pear could make a huge difference in a students’ school day. He reached out to North Coast Food Web to see if we could help.

Thanks to a partnership with the Astoria Co-op, who provide fresh, seasonal organic fruit to North Coast Food Web at wholesale cost, and to a generous donation from a local supporter, the Fruit Box Project took off in 2013.

The Co-op has gone a step further in their support of the project, placing donation jars at their checkout counters to get their customers involved in supporting the project as well.  Read more about the Fruit Box Project in a story published in the Astoria Co-op newsletter: Fruit Box Project.

Feedback has been great from both students and staff at AHS, and North Coast Food Web is happy to see this simple, but effective, project continue into the future.