Exciting News about the Clatsop Astoria Maternal Partnership Study!

We are excited to announce that The North Coast Food Web will be partnering with OHSU in  support of this study through a series of 12 nutritional cooking classes for select participants!

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Are you interested in pregnancy research? Dr. Jonathan Purnell, is conducting a study at Columbia Memorial Hospital to learn more about how receiving nutritional advice during pregnancy affects your food choices and your baby’s growth. Participation will last up to 6 months after you delivery your baby, and could involve up to 18 study visits. Participants will be compensated up to $85. You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are generally healthy
  • Are in your first or second trimester of pregnancy
  • You plan on delivering at Columbia Memorial Hospital
  • You are fluent in English

For more information, please contact the Study Coordinator:

Wendy D’Agostino at (607)369-4907 or dagostiw@ohsu.edu

On behalf of Jonathan Purnell, MD

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